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Discover the simple system that Chiropractors all over North America are moving to so that they stop wasting time with expensive ad agencies, frustrating marketing firms, and complex programs that never get implemented.

Aren't you tired of dealing with pushy sales people and terrible support?

The software companies that everyone knows about in the Chiropractic industry are big, slow, and out of touch. They collect their fees and only ever give you attention when you try to leave them.

But doing it yourself feels like a fool's errand. You barely have enough time to see patients, so where will you find the time to learn, test, build, and launch all of the tools you need?

Well, that's where we come in...

So, what can we do? Quite a bit, actually.

Designed, curated, and upgraded over the course of thousands of conversations with Chiropractors who own their practices, the Evergreen system has been built for you, by you.

Optimize your website for Local Patients looking for you

The highest quality, most effective patient leads come from your own website. We can build, manage, and optimize your website to ensure that people find you and want what you offer.

Don't wait on someone else when something needs to change! You can easily edit your own website just as easily as making changes to a Word document. Before you do, we will make sure it is SEO ready so the people looking for help find you first.

Never Miss a Message

With an all-in-one messaging system, we can make sure that no question goes unanswered. Bring your phone, SMS, Facebook, Email, voicemail, Instagram, website chat, Google chat, and more into our powerful inbox.


Missed Call Text-Back

Ditch the phone tag with our flexible, programmable text-back service. When you miss a call, we take it from there.


Automated Agent

Answer common questions, accept scheduling requests, send reminders, and do much more with our automated agent working for you 24/7.

Schedule and reactivate

Be available when your patients need you the most. Our online system makes it easy to accept scheduling requests (if you're not ready for online booking) or even book appointments and collect payment.


Always-Updated Schedule

Connect our system to your Google or Outlook calendar and know that we are only showing patients and prospective patients the right availability for your schedule.


Bring Old Patients Back Easily

Don't let lapsed patients slip away. Our streamlined reactivation system identifies, nurtures, and books returning patients for you!

Maximize Your Social Media

Create, schedule, post, and reply to your social media channels all in one place. We provide templates, ready-to-post content, and the tools for you to build your own following.


Plan It All Out

Our social planner tool makes it easy to prepare for upcoming events, special promotions, and celebrations in your office.


Let Us Give You a Hand

Our creative writing system suggests content to help you speak effectively to your audience.

Grow and Glow Your Reputation

Help your patients share their successes and bring you new prospects at the same time. From Google Reviews to Facebook Recommendations and even video testimonials, we know how to help you tell your story.


Know When to Ask

Don't guess or fumble when it comes time for review requests. We'll tell you when your patients are ready and make it easy for them to say "of course!"


Video Stories

Capture the most inspiring stories with easy tools for video capture. Let your patients tell their story from the comfort of home and their own phone!

We know the chiropractic business better than most.

In addition to all of the offices that we work with, we also partner with many different support companies to ensure that our programs are the most effective solutions for your office. We love working with companies like:

OHC System
Full Circle Coaching and Consulting
OHC System
Full Circle Coaching and Consulting

Integrates With Your Favorite Calendars & More

Don't change your daily systems to accommodate a change. We proudly work with several of the top EHR platforms and are HIPAA Compliant.

Hear From Our Clients

Amazing Support

I love being able to ask Joe questions and get real, direct answers. He knows how my practice operates and that saves us so much time! I couldn't ask for a better partner in helping me streamline what we're doing for our community.I love being able to ask Joe questions and get real, direct answers. He knows how my practice operates and that saves us so much time! I couldn't ask for a better partner in helping me streamline what we're doing for our community.

Dr. Frank
Head of Practice

Incredible Attention to Detail

We have worked with tons of marketing people and programs over the years. This finally felt like it fit. Our new patient growth has been steady and we find ourselves with more time to work on what we want to do instead of putting out fires!

Dr. Alexa
Head of Practice

From "Idea" to "I'm Full" So Fast!

Without a staff to take care of the details, I never realized how much time I spent on the little things every day.

This program streamlined my marketing as well as my patient processes so that I really can just focus on patient care. Satisfaction has gone up, reviews come pouring in, and the appointments keep getting booked!

Dr. Mike
Head of Practice

(A Few of) The Features

The most powerful toolkit available to Chiropractic offices, Evergreen can replace as many as a dozen different software subscriptions that you are paying for. We provide things like:


Contact System (CRM)

Store your patients and your leads all in one place, along with conversation histories and more.



Patient newsletters, special offers, big events, and review requests are all a click away.


Review Requests

Show off your sterling reputation with five star reviews and powerful video testimonials.


Qualification Surveys

Find out if new patients will become your best patients by walking them through your care concepts and core values.


Appointment Scheduling

Accept appointment requests, confirm bookings, and keep your schedule full with our online calendar tool.


Reminders & More

Reduce no-show appointments with flexible and effective reminders to keep your patients on their schedule.

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Ready to see what this would look like for your office?

A 20 minute demonstration is the best way to understand exactly what costs and efforts will be required for you to go Evergreen.

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