Five Star Scale

All of the Tools You Need To Scale A Successful Practice in an Hour a Week

Five Star Scale helps practice owners book high quality new clients in 90 days without tech overwhelm or info overload so they can get waitlisted and stay that way.

Swift Success

Built for busy practice owners who want to spend their time seeing clients, this system takes minutes to learn and gets real results in a very short period of time.

Long-Term Growth

The results of your work with Five Star Scale will last a very long time! Your online reviews alone will continue to drive revenue for years to come.

No Tech Geniuses Needed

Stop wasting time with clunky, outdated tools or apps that only do one thing. Five Star Scale includes every tool you need, fully personalized to your goals.

The Right New Clients with the Right Proven Methods

Online marketers tell you to discount your services, offer special programs, pretend you're super busy, and all sorts of other sleazy sales tricks.

Forget all of that.

Five Star Scale is focused on the idea that the best way of marketing to future clients is through your current ones. Relying on a unique blend of retention tactics and reputation marketing, Five Star Scale makes it easier to bring in more of your ideal clients - on YOUR terms.

Do It All in An Hour a Week

There aren't any scripts to memorize.

There aren't hours of videos to dredge through.

Sign up and Personalize your account in minutes.

Then, in an hour a week, you'll be able to implement Five Star Scale and see real results.

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It all happens in three simple phases.

Here they are:

Feedback from Clients

"I finally have control of my business. I don't have to beg for reports or try to read tea leaves to see if something good is happening. Joe's system makes it easy to know the score and make a plan to do better every month."


"It paid for itself in TWO weeks!

We DOUBLED our new clients coming into the office in the first two weeks. By having an automated system that did everything for us, we started booking more people who we would otherwise have missed altogether."


"I have gone from thinking that we had a good front desk operation to knowing that we're doing everything right thanks to Joe and his system. We get more time with our clients and our new growth is real!"


"I manage my marketing in about five minutes a week now. We make better decisions because we know what we are doing. It's a lifesaver!"


"I was so tired of trying to figure it out on my own. Nothing fit together. None of it made sense. Now, I have a system that actually works AND I'm saving a ton of money that I can put into my new style of ads. Thanks Joe!"


"I stayed away from marketing because it was overwhelming. Joe's system has given me a way to ease into it, understand it, and actually master it!"


What do you get when you join Five Star Scale?

  • Instant access to the Five Star Scale program
  • Personal Onboarding with Joe Elias, our founder
  • Weekly progress plans to keep you going
  • 12 months of coaching with personal feedback
  • Five Star "Scale Squad" accountability team
  • 12 months of the Five Star "Automation Station" System

Single Payment

the best rate

$4,500 USD

Equivalent to $375 USD per month

Saves $1,500 compared to monthly payments

Monthly Payments

better for budgets

$500 USD per month

12 month commitment required

Please note: The Five Star Scale Automation Station allows you to send emails, text messages, voicemails, and phone calls to leads, prospects and clients. Simply pay for what you use in addition to the fees above. 500 text messages included each month. Many clients see no additional fees.

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